Sunday, March 10, 2013

Char Kway Tiow with Blackpepper Beef....

Char Kway Tiow is everyones favourites.

Today I prepared this Noodles for My Family dinner. Very simple Meal for us. Adding Blackpepper and birdeyes chilies(Chilipadi) it add spicy with thin and tender beef I have marinated in 2 hours early...

The Ingredients is :

300 gram Sliced Beef ( marinate with 1 tablespoon Oystersauce)

100 gram Bean Sprout (wash and toss)

500 Gram Kway Tiow

50 gram slice thinly carrot

2 tablespoon ground garlic and old ginger *

2 tablespoon dark soya sauce

1 tablespoon lightsoya sauce

1 tablespoon blackpepper (crush finely)

2 pieces fishcake ( slice thinly)

7/8 pieces Birdeyes chillies ( chillipadi)

Adash of sesame oil

some slice chinese parsley and fried Onion shallot for garnish...

oil for frying


Heat the wok, add in the oil. With medium fire add ingredients*, fry till fragrant..

Put in the marinate beef, stir till the beef are cook,then put in slice fishcakes in and stir..

Add in all the sauce and 1/2 cup of water plus salt, a bit of sesame oil and carrot,stir all well.

After that put in the Noodles and the bean sprout, with medium fire stir till everythings are well mixed...Put off the fire.

Serves and garnish with chinese parsley and fried onions..


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