Tuesday, February 17, 2009

German Chocolate Almond Cake

I made this cake because I like the taste of almonds and richness of chocolates( I use dark chocolates) in it. Taste it if you all able to get hold of the recipe.

There is nothing better than a mouth watering piece of chocolate cake... I and my family like it because it is not so sweet.. less sweet better then too sweet..hmmm..gonna have a bite right now...so whoever loves chocolates.. do try and bake it..

I'm sure you will loves it....Cheers...!!

The recipe


125g President unsalted butter-chopped
75g cake flour
125g chocolate-double-boiled until melt (try to get dark and sweet chocolate)
130g icing suga3 eggs
60ml fresh milk
125g ground almond nut

Chocolate Butter frosting:

125g Unsalted butter- I use SCS butter
125g Cooking Chocolate
Some almonds and coconut dessicate


Preheat oven at 180'c
Grease a any shape of 7' cake pan.
Combine all the ingredients and mix till light and fluffy.
Stir in ground almond
Pour cake mixture into cake pan. bake for 1 hour . remove, let it be for minutes and turn into wire rack for cool.
Mix butter and chocolate in small a bowl for double-boil and stir until Chocolate are melts.
Spread Chocolate butter cream on top of the cake and sprinkle some almond and coconut on top of the cakes.

Just a little notes..I do not use coconut for topping..Just toasted peanut...:-)


mummyalyssa said...

Kak rose kek ni sedapla nampaknye..nnt post resepinye ye kite leh try ...kite kalo bab kek yg ada choc ni mmg suke...:)

MamaElla said...

Insya-Allah dik Seri nie lagi typing resepinya..Sabar tau...:-)

nur said...

chocolate cake ini nampak menarik ya..nur nak simpan resepi ni..tq for sharing.

MamaElla said...

Nur.. simpan lah dan kalau Nur tau mengisikan tengah kek itu dgn coklat butterkrim ia nya lagi sedap..:-)