Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Strawberry and Golden Raisin Muffins

This Morning I made this Muffins for My family breakfast and as a gifts to My old friend which I'm going to visit her todays .
I like the smell of this Muffins. The taste and the filling of Strawberry puree and the sweetness of the Golden Raisins, yummy...! it goes well with a cup of tea and sitting by near the window to watch the rising of the sunrise....Hmmmm...!! Beautiful..Masya-Allah..!
Freshly baked and I manage to have about 11 muffins..it should be enough for Me and The family...so what else can I said..others than Good Morning...!!


lee lin said...

mama cerita pasal bau muffin ni... rasa mcm boleh terbau je kat sini... sedapnya bau kek/muffin/roti yang baru lepas keluar oven kan!

MamaElla said...

Lee Lin...Masya-Allah...Mama memang suka bau haruman roti/kek/muffin...:-)