Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beef Rawan Peranakan Style

Beef Rawan Peranakan Style


1 kilo of beef-cut into cube
40 Gm Asam Paste
300 ml Water
20 g Buah Keluak Paste*
1 Tbsp Sugar
20 gm Sweet Soy Sauce - Kicap manis
2 pcs Kafir leaves
50 gm Galangal*
1/2 tspn Tumeric powder*
30 gm garlic*
100 gm Red Chilli*
100 gm Red Onion*
20 gm old Ginger*
10 gm Belachan*
1 Stalk lemongrass*
A Bit of Salt to taste
Enough Oil for frying


1 Blend all the Ingredients * till become a paste.

2 In a pan with the oil, stir-fry the paste untill fragrants, than add the beef and stir-fry till lightly Browned.

3 Add the Asam juice, salt, lime kafir, Sweet soy sauce and sugar into the beef and allow to simmer until the beef is thorougly cooked.

4 Serve immediately..

I managed to Cook something a bit differ from usually goes well with plain rice.

Recipes I am using from Chef Eddie Goh - Plaza Hotel

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